Anti-Aging Techniques

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Anti-Aging Techniques

Edited by Charles Moffat - April 2011.

As you transition out of your early 20s you may be shocked to see fine lines and age marks appear on your beautiful epidermis. Do not - we repeat, do not - freak out or call your local facial liposuction guru to help you hold on to your youth. Simply adjust your daily routine to include a few anti-aging techniques and you will be pleasantly surprised with the glowing skin that is a natural byproduct of your healthful labors. Here are a few anti-aging strategies that are sure to help you stave off the grandma sags:


Free radicals are renegade molecules that break down your healthy skin molecules and cause signs of aging. Antioxidants work to subdue the production of free radicals by minimizing oxidation in your skin cells. Antioxidants can be purchased in the form of topical creams or ingest-able daily supplement pills. The positive benefits of antioxidants are sufficient to keep you out of the liposuction office for a long time coming.

One word of warning. Be sure to take digestible supplements only as directed by your physician or the manufacturer's label. While it would take a major overdose to do any long-term damage to your system it is never wise to overdo a good thing.

Bad Habits

Listen to some kind words of advice from yours truly. The best way to stay out of a plastic surgeon's office is to put down that bag of cookies you grab every time you flop down on the couch to watch Oprah. The pros associated with putting an end to unhealthy habits such as binge eating and smoking are numerous and - we think - quite obvious. Be strong and value yourself enough to put the brakes on bad habits.

The cons associated with going cold turkey on sweets and smokes are all associated with the inevitable pain of withdrawal. Just remember, it will pass. And when it does you will be rewarded with a leaner and more glorious visage.

Beauty Products

Makeups designed to prevent wrinkles have been on the market for decades but many of these are just superficial marketing ploys that do little to help reduce fat or minimize fine lines. In fact, these impostor creams and gels can poison the body with carcinogenic toxic chemicals not fit for man or beast.

If you are looking for authentic beauty products to reduce the signs of aging, go with time-tested formulas that have garnered a public track record for real results. Check out each beauty product company via the Better Business Bureau (BBB) before throwing down your hard earned cash to purchase products that may very well be frauds dressed up in fool's gold.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

Getting your heart rate up for at least 20 consecutive minutes per day will do wonders as a slimming technique that has nothing to do with spending thousands on liposuction. Whether you join your local gym and put in your time on an upright bike or if you speed walk around your block a few times every day does not matter. What is important is that you get your heart pumping, your blood circulating and your metabolism sped up.

The cons associated with cardio exercise have to do with possible shin splints and minor aches and soreness. The former can be remedies with a pair of good running shoes specifically designed to absorb shock when your heels hit the pavement. The latter can be improved with a hot bath, an aspirin tab and plenty of post-workout water intakes.

Creatine Monohydrate

A chemical found in meat, Creatine Monohydrate boosts energy sent to muscle tissue, boosts muscle growth and stimulates tissue regrowth. Many bodybuilders take Creatine supplements in powder or pill form while in training. If you begin to take muscle building supplements to stay away from the liposuction temptation, just remember that these supplements are designed to support you in high-intensity and short duration workouts. If you are not ready to hit the weight room don't bother taking the supplements.

Cut Back on Sugar and Fat

The Atkins diet may allow you to eat all the bacon your little heart desires but can you really live on protein alone for the rest of your life? We think not. It is always best to embrace balance when changing your daily eating habits. One of the best anti-aging techniques that will slow the signs of aging is adherence to a balanced diet.

Instead of apple pie and ice cream, try a cheese and fruit plate with healthy brie, blue cheese, sliced almonds and dried apricots. Try organic soy milk instead of half-and-half in your coffee. It may seem like a small change but your body will thank you for trimming the fat and sugar out of your diet wherever possible.

Some people also find the merits in Vegetarianism, Veganism and also Raw Food diets. These are certainly options for people looking to cut back on the unhealthy foods they are eating too much of.

Dark Chocolate (in Small Amounts)

This tasty delicacy includes flavonoids, which are scientifically proven to reduce the ravages of free radicals on skin cells. In addition, small quantities of dark chocolate can help to reduce your blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain, which results in better memory and overall brain function. Best of all, dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, which are known to produce a feeling of pleasure and overall cheerfulness.

Make sure that you don't get carried away, a small bite or two every day is plenty.

Dental Care

Avoid neck liposuction by drawing people's eyes upward to your bright and beautiful smile. Truthfully, nothing proclaims age like a set of dingy yellow teeth. Schedule an appointment to have your teeth whitened and you may be shocked to see how many years it knocks off your overall perceived age. Be aware that whitening can be expensive and search out special deals through your local dental school. In addition, remember that in this day and age it is never too late to get braced. They can even be invisible if you are willing to pay a few extra bucks for behind-the-teeth braces.

Anti-Aging Techniques

Detoxification Diets

Over time your bodily systems can get clogged with the toxins of processed foods and excessive sugars. Cleansing your body with a modified detox diet for a season can help to speed up your metabolism and ensure that the supplements and healthy foods you ingest are properly absorbed into your system. A cleanse can last from a single day to a full month and can be as minimal as water-only or as generous as a Daniel fast that includes any fruit and vegetable you can gather. Be careful of overdoing a cleanse, as the weight you drop can tempt you to starve yourself indefinitely, which is definitely not healthy or good for long-term anti-aging results.


Available in tea form or as a powder/pill supplement, Echinacea boosts your immune system and triggers faster tissue regeneration. That means that it can help with reducing scars, wrinkles and the sag marks that can sometimes accompany rapid weight loss.

Hormone Supplements

Here are a few supplements that will get your female body out of its funk so that your metabolism rate increases and your overall energy levels peak:

  • estrogen
  • progesterone
  • testosterone
  • DHEA
  • thyroid

    Be careful of going it alone when it comes to dosage. Bite the bullet and schedule an appointment with your family physician in order to determine which hormone supplements will benefit your particular body chemistry. Remember, if your hormones get out of whack your emotions will go crazy. Be smart but don't be afraid to boost your hormone levels as an anti-aging technique that will help you to avoid the ridiculous thigh liposuction cost associated with quick-fix weight loss measures.


    Meditation / Controlling Your Stress Levels

    Stress really is the most toxic enemy of your body as a whole. Stress makes you age quickly and it also decreases your overall quality of life. Daily meditation on scripture and silent meditation in nature can help to reduce your stress levels significantly. Deep breathing is another anti-aging and stress relieving technique that can be employed anywhere from at home alone to on a crowded city bus.

    Regular Physicals with your Doctor

    Conditions such as breast and cervical cancer can be most effectively treated when they are caught early. See your physician at least once a year for a physical in order to avoid serious healthy problems somewhere down the road.

    Sporting Activities

    Skip the high plastic surgery cost by losing weight while having fun. Join a local basketball team, volunteer to do marathons with inner city kids, take up tennis with a friend or enjoy your local outdoor grandeur with weekend hikes. Engaging in aerobic sports at least 3 times a week will absolutely kick the fat off your chin and neck without a secret trip to the closest neck liposuction doctor in town.


    We know this may seem too good to be true but sexual activity really is a terrific anti-aging technique that will replenish your body's hormones, bolster your immune system, provide plenty of exercise and reduces stress. So tell your hubby that you are upping the conjugal ante and get busy at least two times a week.

    Beauty Sleep


    Beauty sleep should not be underestimated. Your body needs between 8-10 hours of rest each night in order to function at peak performance levels. Make sure that your room is totally dark when you turn in so that your body can transition into the deep REM sleep it needs to rejuvenate your bodily systems. Proper sleep habits rank high in terms of the best anti-aging techniques available.

  • Avoid Caffeine
  • Take Naps / Siestas


    Although often frowned upon there are a variety of surgical alternatives that can help reduce body fat and/or make a person look younger. Expect a steep thigh liposuction cost or chin liposuction cost if you want to slim down fast via surgery. It is best to save surgery for those stubborn cellulite groupings that refuse to budge regardless of the other anti-aging techniques you are employing on a daily basis.


    Drinking at least six - eight ounce - glasses of water per day is essential to staying hydrated and staying hydrated is absolutely essential to avoiding the neck liposuction office. Your body is mostly water and as such it will not look and feel its best without plenty of fluid intake on a daily basis.

    Be forewarned that when you first begin to imbibe plenty of water you will likely need to pee every hour or so. Don't worry, your body will adjust and you will be a veritable water camel before you know it.


    Regular time in the weight room builds bone density and delays osteoporosis. It also increases muscle tissue, endurance and bolsters the cardiovascular system. Make sure to couple weightlifting with a regular aerobic regime so that your body mass appears toned instead of overly bulky. In addition, beware of overdoing your weight lifting schedule. Always give your body at least 48 hours to recuperate after working any particular muscle group or you run the risk of damaging instead of building up your physique.

    Yoga, the Cobra Pose

    Yoga / Flexibility Exercises

    For a great marriage of mind and body, yoga or similar flexibility exercises are your best bet. Take a class 2-3 times a week and you will likely experience a dramatic increase in overall energy levels. Stick with it for a few months and your body will begin to evidence beautiful tone and poise. Since most yoga / flexibility exercises incorporate deep breathing techniques they can also serve to minimize your overall stress levels significantly.

    Be sure to give yourself room to grow when taking up a yoga class, as it is easy to strain your muscles if you try to do too much in your first lesson.

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