Pope Against Canadian Gay Marriages

Pope warns Canadians on gay marriage
ASSOCIATED PRESS - September 8th, 2006.

Pope Benedict sparked a debate about the place of religious beliefs in Canadian politics today, telling Ontario bishops Canada has excluded “God from the public sphere” with laws supporting same-sex marriage and abortion.

The pontiff told a group of seven visiting bishops in Vatican City that Canadian Catholic politicians are ignoring the values of their religion, yielding to “ephemeral social trends and the spurious demands of opinion polls.”

“In the name of tolerance your country has had to endure the folly of the redefinition of spouse, and in the name of freedom of choice it is confronted with the daily destruction of unborn children,” the Pope said.

A representative with the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops who was travelling with the bishops in Italy said the group was busy with engagements and unable to comment immediately on the Pope’s message.

Alfonse Ainsworth, general secretary of the organization, said he expects the bishops will take the Pope’s words into consideration when planning their strategy for the next provincial and federal election.

“I’m sure they’ll be studying the comments and the context and making sure they follow through,” he said.

The meeting was a routine one the Pope has with regional bishops every five years. The Pope met with bishops from Atlantic Canada in May, telling them Canada was “suffering from the pervasive effects of secularism” and pointed to “the plummeting birth rate” as proof.

But the pontiff’s strong criticism today re-ignited a debate about the separation of church and state in Canada. Gilles Marchildon, executive director of gay-rights advocates Egale Canada, said politicians represent all Canadians of various faiths and should keep their personal beliefs out of the House of Commons.

“Because of that, politicians have a responsibility to not be proponents of a particular faith when making decisions that affect everyone,” said Marchildon.

“We don’t have a state religion in Canada.”

Just as government doesn’t instruct the Catholic Church how to celebrate communion, Marchildon said the church shouldn’t instruct politicians on who can get married.

“I’m surprised the Pope doesn’t realize that gate can swing both ways,” he said.

Benedict has made the defence of traditional family values a major goal of his papacy, speaking out often on the issue. During a trip to Spain in July, he challenged that country’s Socialist government for instituting liberal reforms such as gay marriage and fast-track divorce.

Same-sex marriage was recognized by Canada’s Parliament last year, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said there will be a vote in the House of Commons this fall to determine whether the issue should be revisited.

Above: The current Pope Benedict

Excerpts from Papal Impropriety

  • Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) instituted the approved method of interrogation of suspected sodomites. In order to make them confess, suspects were lowered naked onto a red-hot spike. This method was kept until the year 1816.

  • Robert of Geneva was well known for his ability to decapitate a man with a pike. He became Pope Clement VII (1378-94) and was 'much given to fleshy pleasure'. He surrounded himself with page boys, whose jackets, it was noted, shrunk from being knee length, to mid-buttock 'or even worse'.

  • Pope Benedict XII (1334-42) was such a hardened drinker that the expression "drunk as a pope" became popular in his lifetime.

  • Pope Benedict XIII (1394-1417) gave a dispensation to the twenty-nine-year-old Richard II of England to marry Isabella, the seven-year-old daughter of the King of France.

  • Pope Innocent VIII (1484-92) sired eight illegitimate sons and probably as many daughters, of whom he openly acknowledged. His reign as Pope was known as 'The Golden Age of Bastards'. He authorised an inquisition against those thought to be witches. On his death bed a wet nurse was found for his final craving - woman's milk.

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