Rotten Marriages Vs Gay Marriages


Written by Suzanne MacNevin - Updated 2008.

I firmly believe that every woman who plans her wedding so far ahead of time, indeed almost her whole life, for as long as she can remember, deserves to have a ROTTEN MARRIAGE. An absolutely HORRIBLE marriage.

Why do I think this?

Because their sole goal in life is to marry a rich/handsome man and have a huge wedding. They've ignored the primary purpose to get married: Because you love each other (and possibly want to have children).

It doesn't matter whether they are actually compatible with the person, all that matters to these women is that one day of their life. It is a bit like teenage girls fussing about their sweet sixteenth birthday.

What a waste of a life. They plan their whole lives around one day and will (I practically guarantee it) end up having a horrible marriage for every day afterwards due to a lack of love and lack of communication.

Some of these gold-diggers even plan their careers so they can meet the proverbial man of their dreams, who can afford to pay for this huge wedding.

All this effort just so they can have the "happiest day of their life" (Pathetic life in my opinion) and then its all downhill.

What is wrong with having some goals that are more important that a damn wedding?

A real career for example.

A spouse you can actually love.

Maybe even children, if that's your goal, to pump out more babies? Some women make really good mothers and there's no disputing that.

My point is that people should have goals that are MORE IMPORTANT than that one day in your life.

To me it much more meaningful for a couple who actually love each other to plan their wedding together, and if they don't believe in huge weddings, to do it on a shoestring budget.


Marriages are for two people who love each other intimately. If they want to get married, so be it. They're going to be together regardless of whether it has an official "governmental" stamp on it or not.

A government denying them the right to publicly marry is like saying "Okay, you can worship the same god, you can pay your taxes, you can be a law-abiding citizen just like the rest of us... but you don't have the RIGHT to get married!"

Why? The sanctity of marriage. As if marriage would somehow be tarnished if more people were allowed to tie the knot. It is a nonsensical reason.

As usual conservative Americans try to force their beliefs on the gay community.

During the 1980s there was the belief that only gays had ear-rings (and only in the left ear). The males who got their right ear pierced were straight. Originally the idea was to "piss of the squares". Twenty-plus years later no matter cares anymore, because many men now have ear-piercings in both ears, along with nose piercing, eyebrow piercings and lip piercings. The silly idea that only gays pierced their left ear was an idea forced upon gays by (guess who!) conservative Americans.

These conservatives just don't understand that every time they try to make a RIDICULOUS rule society will find a way to break it.

And that is exactly what banning gay marriages is.

A ridiculous rule.

Just like America's monkey-ish president George W. Bush is a ridiculous leader and makes up words like "misunderestimated". He stutters sometimes too, which I find really funny. That boy needs speech lessons. (Maybe it is the cocaine from his college days that has fried his brain?)

I'm suddenly reminded of several paintings by Lilith Adler (a shame she's dead). "Babies" and "Manhood" are prime examples of what I'm talking about...

Women are social conditioned to practically worship a man, wait most of their lives to get married and then afterward the wedding become a virtual slave to husband and children. (I would argue gay marriages are much more equal.)

"Make babies. Quit work. Stay home. Obey your man. Shut up and serve Jesus."

Face it, that version of marriage is not good for one's mental health.

So what SHOULD be in a proper marriage?

Love of course.

Not dreams about a huge wedding, and certainly not rules on whether two lovers can marry each other.

Not the perks of having a platinum credit card and a husband who pays the bills. Marriage is not supposed to be about huge weddings, credit cards, money, house, car or the so-called "American Dream". Remember that the American Dream is basically capitalism, and mentions nothing to do with love.

It is a bit like Christmas. Everyone tends to make a fuss over presents, parties and money... when really it is a holiday about some guy who was born and crucified for blasphemy 2 millenia ago.

But Christmas isn't about Jesus Christ anymore. It is about brotherly/sisterly love and spending time with your family.

The American Dream does have one important point, and that is EQUALITY.

So why should gays and lesbians be denied a part of the American Dream? They shouldn't. All Americans are born equal and should all have the equal right to get married.

To deny them that equality, is to deny them their dreams.


Gay marriages are legal in Canada. Yippee! :)

I never thought much about marriage before now. Unlike many of the girls who I went to school with, I was interested in other things. I knew I was different. Planning my wedding was not something I was jumping and down about. I wasn't swooning for any Tom, Dick or Harry either.

Having marriage as an option now makes me happy, in addition to finding someone I can truly love. It also makes me proud I live in Canada where people actually believe in freedom and equality instead of just claiming they do.

More happy thoughts: Gay honeymoons, gay anniversaries, gay people growing old together, and best of all, having a ring on my finger so men will stop trying to ask me out.

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